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To register, simply fill in the required information below.
The fee for a 10 Kupers team is € 750 (an additional charge of € 75 is required for  each extra Kuper)
To validate your registration, please proceed to the € 375 online deposit payment (see Step 2).

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I accept the tournament rules listed below and shall inform all Kupers on my team.

Tournament Rules:
1. Participants must be adults. No minors allowed.
2. The Girondins Club welcomes you to play sports and celebrate. It provides the use of it premises, sports and sanitary facilities. Each participant is responsible for the cleanliness and good condition of the facilities made available to him/her and shall adopt a courteous and respectful attitude. Garbage and cigarette butts should be disposed of in the garbage bins and ashtrays provided for this purpose.
3. The supply of alcoholic beverages and illicit substances during the tournament is strictly prohibited.
4. The tent deposit cheque will be kept if the loaned tent is in poor condition or dirty upon return.

The Team Kaptain guarantees compliance with these rules and will inform its Kupers accordingly.
Failure to comply with these basic rules may result in installation refurbishment costs and a definitive exclusion from the tournament without refund.